A service that sets you apart and that tenants will gladly pay for

Competing for tenants is always tough. Offering digital mailbox service not only makes a statement that sets you apart, but provides a value added convenience that many tenants who travel frequently or go away for longer periods of time will gladly pay for. No longer do they have to rely on the post office to hold or forward their mail and hope for the best. Now they can simply use their computer, tablet or smartphone to log into their digital mailbox account, 24/7 from anywhere, to see exactly what is in their mailbox and create tasks for each item, such as scanning documents for immediate viewing, consolidating and shipping packages, forwarding mail, shredding or discarding. They can choose the date to forward mail and packages and how they want it shipped from a menu of choices that you provide.

iResidentMail makes generating new revenue streams easy

Monthly mailbox rentals and service requests such as scanning, shipping and shredding, generate new recurring revenue streams for your apartment or residence complex. iResidentMail seamlessly and efficiently captures captures tasks, creates an efficient work flow, enables great customer service, and provides detailed management reporting. No more inefficient use of your staff’s time sorting through mail requests via phone message or email. Mail received is digitally inserted into the iResidentMail system via a photo from a smart phone or scanner and quickly uploaded. Easy enough for any employee to do, and even faster with the OCR auto-insert option.

Choose Auto Track & Notify service to get you started, and upgrade later

Handling packages delivered for tenants can be a challenge, especially during the busy holiday season when parcels pile up and the risks of theft or loss increase. iResidentMail offers a simple and effective Track & Notify service that automatically notifies tenants when their package arrives, allows the recipient to schedule a pickup or drop-off time, and provides a put-away locator so retrieving the package is quick and easy. Upgrade to full digital mailbox service when you are ready.