Residents need assistance managing their mail

When residents of nursing homes and senior living facilities of any kind reach a point where they need assistance managing their affairs, how to handle their mail is often a major dilemma. Relatives may want to help but are often too far away or too busy to pick up and review the mail on a timely basis. By offering digital mailbox service, however, a family member will be able to see every piece of mail that arrives by simply logging into the digital mailbox account set up for the resident with any smart phone, tablet or computer 24/7, from anywhere. They can request that important transactional mail be scanned for immediate viewing or forwarded to them, while other mail, magazines, and packages are designated for delivery to the resident.

iAssistedMail makes generating new revenue streams easy

Monthly mailbox rentals and service requests such as scanning, shipping and shredding, generate new recurring revenue streams for your facility. iAssistedMail seamlessly and efficiently captures tasks, creates an efficient work flow, enables great customer service, and provides detailed management reporting. No more inefficient use of your staff’s time sorting through mail requests via phone message or email. Mail received is digitally inserted into the iAssistedMail system via a photo from a smart phone or scanner and quickly uploaded. Easy enough for any employee to do, and even faster with the OCR auto-insert option.