Get an advanced Track & Notify service for packages for your College
or University Mailroom. Seamlessly upgrade to add more services.
All at no cost to your College or University.

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Your choice of 2 service levels: Track & Notify or Complete Digital Mailbox.

Track & Notify: Your Mailroom more organized. Students and faculty more satisfied.

  • What it does. iCollegeMail offers a simple and effective Track & Notify service that automatically alerts students and faculty by push notification or email when their packages arrive. With an app for iOS or Android on their smartphone or tablet, students and faculty see information about their package and can schedule a Pickup at the mailroom, schedule a Delivery, or Return the package to the sender. Automated alerts are sent when items are not picked up. Access real-time Pickup and Delivery reports. Capability to use Track & Notify for mail as well as packages for a complete notification system - it's entirely your choice. Get your mailroom running orderly and efficiently, while providing a new level of service.
  • How it works. The iCollegeMail Utilities App for the mailroom, also available on both iOS and Android, enables your staff to quickly and easily scan the package bar code upon receipt, capture an image of the package, identify put-away location for easy retrieval, and verify delivery to the recipient with a confirmation signature. Tag perishable items as 'Priority' to encourage timely pick up. Run the whole system with a smartphone - no scanner or other equipment to buy or lease. You get unlimited free installations for your mailroom, so multiple employees can use the system simultaneously on multiple smartphones during peak times. A complete win-win for your mailroom and students.
  • Why you need it. Mailrooms need a simple and easy way to manage package receipt, storage and delivery, especially at the start of the semester, when the avalanche of book deliveries and care packages can be overwhelming. Now with Track & Notify software from iCollegeMail, students know not only when their packages arrive, but can also schedule a pickup time, allowing mailroom employees to pick the packages in advance for smooth, speedy, and verified distribution. Use the put-away locator to identify the precise location where every package is stored, including secondary locations. Tap the 'Priority' notification option so perishable care packages don't go stale and Valentine's Day roses get to the recipient on Valentine's Day and not the day after. Save your staff time and hassle, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce complaints. It's an elegant, no cost solution for managing your mailroom.

The Complete Digital Mailbox: Turn your College or University Mailroom into a Profit Center

  • What it does. Whenever you are ready, seamlessly upgrade to offer students and faculty a full-functioning Digital Mailbox that enable users to
    • Scan, recycle and shred mail
    • Consolidate and forward mail and packages
    • Schedule returns, pickups, and deliveries
    • Add 2GB of cloud-based storage with encryption and backup
    • Add phone and fax capabilities.
  • How it works. Upgrading is easy - no IT integration or equipment leases to worry about. Your mailroom automatically gets access to the upgraded features necessary to run a full-service Digital Mailbox mailroom and you set the fees for the on-demand services that you offer. Students and faculty get a complete digital mailbox that they can manage from an enhanced mobile app or from any laptop. The user-friendly online mailbox interface is fully integrated with your back-end operations, so tasks requested by your users appear automatically in a task list workflow for operational efficiency and productivity. Easy enough for any employee to do. Full training and on-going support to get you running and keep you going. Make your mailroom a profit center!
  • Why you need it. Students live on their smartphone - so that's where their postal mail should be. They want to stay connected, save time, and use cloud storage. They are away from campus for weeks during semester breaks, for months during summers, and for up to a year when studying abroad. Now students and faculty can manage their postal mail and packages online no matter where they are in the U.S. or the world, 24/7. Students in remote dorms or living off campus, and faculty who are on campus infrequently will know what's in their mailbox as soon as it is received and can request mail to be scanned, forwarded or picked up. The mailroom runs efficiently throughout the year and receives regular revenues from the services provided, with no interruption of service and no backup of mail when recipients are away on break or abroad.

Pricing: FREE for the mailroom — customized pricing and revenue options for the students

Get Track & Notify and the Complete Digital Mailbox at no cost to the mailroom when students pay a small annual fee to download the app. Generate revenue for your mailroom by adding a margin to the cost of the app, if that aligns with your service and revenue strategy. For Complete Digital Mailbox service, some mailrooms will want to earn a margin on shipping and fee services such as scanning documents, shredding, consolidating packages, depositing checks, or special drop-off delivery. Others may choose to simply cover their costs to be revenue neutral.

Sustainability: Increase customer satisfaction while supporting a greener environment

Mailrooms without a tracking and notification service are still using paper notes to let students know they have a package. Save the trees and let the iCollegeMail mobile app notify students that they have a package so they can schedule a pickup time. Complete Digital Mailbox users can also request that junk mail and any item they don't want or need be recycled.