From cost center to Digital Hub

A corporate mailroom that adopts a digital mailbox strategy is no longer just a cost center, but rather the hub of the company document management, distribution and secure cloud storage process.

iCorporateMail is configured with flexible service options to seamlessly create an efficient work flow, track mail receipt and delivery, provide detailed management reporting, and reduce the volume of paper and unwanted mail. Postal mail is digitally inserted into the iCorporateMail system via a photo from a smart phone or scanner and quickly uploaded. Easy enough for any employee to do, and super-fast with OCR auto-insertion. Employees can designate action steps for each item in the mailbox, or documents can be scanned and routed according to pre-set message rules. Multiple users, whether custom groups or departments, can have access to mailbox information as appropriate.

Executives stay connected

Executives on the road, working from remote locations away from the home office or as expats abroad can use their computer, tablet or smartphone to log into their digital mailbox account, 24/7 from anywhere, to see exactly what is in their mailbox and create tasks for each item, such as scanning documents for immediate viewing , forwarding mail, shredding or discarding. They can choose the date to forward mail and the service level from a menu of choices that you provide, so they know their mail will arrive where and when they want.

A better cloud storage model

The digital mailbox platform, with centralized digitizing and insertion of mail, offers an alternative document management system vs. the ‘scanner on every desk’ model that has gained some traction in recent years. In the movement to reduce clutter and meet sustainability goals by reducing paper use, why have executives or their administrative support spend time scanning and storing documents, whether on their computer hard drives or in the cloud? By enabling the mail center to scan documents as they come into the company, the process is centralized, streamlined and made more efficient.

At a fraction of the cost of other digital mail solutions

iCorporateMail is cloud-based and robust, yet nimble and unencumbered by costly equipment leases, high usage fees, or complex software integration. The Digital Mailbox concept enables enterprise-wide adoption with no infrastructure requirements. Our service can be customized to meet your most urgent requirements today, with room to upgrade and add capability tomorrow. Now any size organization can enjoy the benefits of a digital-capable mailroom.