Your customers will love it

Adding digital mailbox service will set your business apart by enabling your customers to see and manage their mail 24/7, from their mobile phone, tablet or computer, no matter where they are.
  • Your virtual customers and office tenants who travel frequently will love logging into their digital mailbox to see exactly what is in their mailbox and creating tasks for each item, such as scanning documents for immediate viewing, consolidating and shipping packages, forwarding mail, shredding or discarding. No more inconvenient calling into the office to find out what mail arrived.
  • You can now also offer your customers a complete digital cloud storage service, as digital mailbox users can request scans of mail content or upload documents they scanned themselves for storage in one convenient, secure location. For legal office centers, where document handling and storage is a critical function, the capability to combine digital mailbox with cloud storage is a game changer, as documents can be delivered securely to the mailbox of any digital mailbox customer that your office center serves.

iVirtualOfficeMail makes generating new revenue streams easy

Monthly mailbox rentals and service requests such as scanning, shipping and shredding generate new recurring revenue streams for your business. iVirtualOfficeMail seamlessly and efficiently captures tasks, creates an efficient work flow, enables great customer service, and provides detailed management reporting. No more inefficient use of your staff’s time sorting through customer mail requests via phone message or email. Mail received is digitally inserted into the iVirtualOfficeMail system via a photo from a smart phone or scanner and quickly uploaded. Easy enough for any employee to do, and even faster with the OCR auto-insert option.