Revenue ModelService Model
Revenue ModelService Model
Revenue ModelService Model

Revenue Generating Model

For Shipping Stores and Mail Centers that want to monetize their digital mailbox offering from monthly digital mailbox rental and on-demand service fees.
Monthly digital mailbox rentals
USZoom offers end-users four different monthly mailbox rental fee tiers, beginning at $9.99, corresponding to the number of mail items the customer expects to receive monthly. The Mail Center receives a share of this revenue for each digital mailbox customer it serves. Customers may rent a digital mailbox month to month and cancel at any time.
Shipping and on-demand service fees
The Mail Center also generates revenues from shipping fees and for optional tasks it performs such as scanning documents, shredding mail, consolidating packages, receiving faxes, or removing invoices, as well as from any mailbox item overage fees or extended storage fees.
USZoom Fees
Low monthly software subscription fee and transactional service fee, which includes credit card fraud screening and all merchant service charges. One-time training and support fee.

Service Business Model

For Corporations, Institutions, and Mail Centers that act as a service for their employees or clients, pricing and payment may be customized in line with the objectives and service strategy of the organization.

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